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Altınbaş Jewelery Export Import Industry and Trade Co. customer needs and expectations to become a global company in the global market to detect and correct; process, the quality of products and services to respond to these expectations will continually improve with the participation of all employees. In this regard, the quality of our operations at our company, the environment, in terms of occupational safety and health at work ed ErUz guarantee compliance with the following criteria:

All of the legal requirements, ed ErUz guarantee the fulfillment of laws and regulations.

Quality, environment, occupational health and safety participate in the activities related to the development of consciousness, projects and create goals, passes them to life and makes these observations in order to ensure the continuity of consciousness, and we found the necessary corrective actions.

We are committed to use our resources most efficiently process all kinds.

Inside and outside we are in contact every individual or legal entity acts as a business partner and the basis of our mutually beneficial relationship with them as we develop based on the continuous trust.

We develop any accident or emergency procedures to minimize our spiritual and material losses that may occur during our activities.