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A decisive factor of Fabi’s success has been its remarkable ability to reconcile tradition and innovation.
In the 1980s, on the solid foundations of its already well-established success, Fabi expanded its horizons to find emerging markets, inspired by its desire to set its sights ever higher.
The Fabi Donna collection was created in 1993 and 1994 with a style of sophisticated, metropolitan glamour. Fabi had thoroughly established its reputation as a dynamic brand. Now, for almost a half century, Fabi has been putting its name to high class footwear for men and women. It has become an ultra-modern business with the eventual involvement of the family’s youngest generation, which has infused Fabi with a new design spirit to complement its long-established crafting tradition.
Fabi has become a perfect beacon of Italian-made design as a distinctive business, a promoter of elegant style, an astute observer of trends, always anticipating new ways of life. It then employs its enormous skill, absolute precision and meticulous crafting to best express these new lifestyles.
Tradition and technology make a perfect union with quality. Three hundred forty-four employees, including master shoemakers and artisans, work closely with specialists in IT technology and state-of-the-art machinery. Their close collaboration produces innovative, quality products, with great care taken both in the details and in the choice of materials, always following the most stringent criteria.
Fabi’s current headquarters, in Monte San Giusto, opened in December 2004 and covers over 15,000 covered sq.m. It’s an attractive, dynamic modern work place, with ample space and lovely indoor green areas, making it a great place to work together! Every step of the process, from the idea to the design and from production to sales, takes place in house, which is what makes Fabi’s products unique and flawless. Ours are discerning customers, who are confident in their choices, well equipped to appreciate superior footwear and love the refined details Made in Italy… Made in Fabi!