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Trussardi Jeans

The Trussardi Group has retained the qualities of a family business whilst looking to the future and adapting development strategies to continue its success in an ever-changing modern-day environment.
With Tomaso Trussardi at the helm and Gaia Trussardi as creative director, today the Group is in the fourth generation of the Trussardi family and continues to enhance the value of its heritage, adding new meaning to the expression of Italian style, always with a fresh, contemporary and original approach.

Trussardi has started this new era by consolidating its collections, focusing on the Trussardi, Trussardi Jeans and Trussardi Sport lines, leveraging an exclusive mix of contemporary elements and history to enhance the leather goods sector.
The brand strategy also focuses on strengthening its retail network and progressively updating its store concepts to create a select and controlled distribution network centred around two store models: Trussardi and T Trussardi stores.

The flagship Trussardi stores represent the essence of the brand and offer products from Trussardi’s main line. They are located in select areas and prestigious shopping centres in Milan, Shanghai, Moscow and Madrid.

The new T Trussardi concept is a modular platform suitable for urban areas and shopping centres, where customers can mainly buy the popular Trussardi Jeans and Trussardi Sport lines.

Marketing initiatives and communication campaigns are also planned to ensure the brand’s visibility and positioning, with a strategy that is increasingly focused on developing its multichannel capabilities.

Today, Trussardi has a presence in 47 countries with its Trussardi, Trussardi Jeans, Trussardi Sport lines, accessories and licensing, with a unique and select network of sales points in Italy, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. This includes over 177 single-brand stores, over 1,500 multi-brand points of sale, corners and department stores and the new e-commerce site, generating a total turnover of 182 million euro.